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“Wow!  After receiving a pre-publication draft copy of Pete Battistini’s book, I informed him that he would not be getting it back.  I wallowed in this American Top 40 opus for three hours after it arrived.  It is truly mind-blowing………….Congratulations, Pete, on a true labor of love, and an exciting new perspective that those of us who worked on the other side of the radio never really ‘got’…until now.”

Tom Rounds, AT40’s executive producer from 1970-1985



“It is difficult to imagine how much time Pete Battistini spent in compiling this book.  I spent hours, over the span of a few days, just reading it.  It’s incredibly detailed and captures information about American Top 40 that I had long-forgotten about.  It’s an excellent resource of the program’s first 10 years.”

Casey Kasem



“When (the book) arrived, I flipped the cover, glanced at a page or two, then sat down and went thru it.  Page by page…….as I turned the pages, I accepted everything I read as gospel.  Forty-five minutes later, I closed the back cover, leaned back and sighed.  Pete Battistini had sung part of my life……”

Don Bustany, AT40’s co-creator, producer and writer

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